derogatory web mitigation services

S.O.R. Mitigation

Nearly every person touching any type of device today leaves behind a "digital fingerprint". 

They are like "breadcrumbs in the desert"  -  collected, mined, transformed, optimized, and then re-loaded into the Internet by giant data aggregators that often use identity data for non-malevolent commercial purposes. 

"Digital DNA" is not just the Meta Data that under-girds a person's online activity or identity. It informs a person's behavior for intelligence analysts to assess. 

Sometimes accurate, but often totally wrong, cleared persons need to be proactive when identifying all that is being cited about them within the Internet, the Deep Web and the Dark Web.

First Step

The first step to understanding your Digital DNA is conducting a "Digital Snap Shot" of your identity. This includes all possible name iterations, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, Social Media handles, and Social Security account use. 

This is the foundation from which other services derive, and the necessary first step to trace each of these pieces of Digital DNA Data back to their original reporting source. 

Some call this process the "providence of data," or identifying the point of harvest and tracing it throughout every step of the "Information Food Chain". 

Once we have obtained your Digital Fingerprint Snap Shot, we consult with you on next steps.

Why it is so critical

Online mitigation for cleared persons is critical because this is what the new Defense Department Counter Intelligence and Security Service (DDCISS) will see as it converts to the new Continuous Evaluation Monitoring Program (CEMP).

The online information found will be used to determine the truthfulness of information entered on the applicant's SF 86 form or the updated Security Background Investigation Form (SBIF). 

However, "mitigation" does not mean that The Berlin Group, LLC, can "erase" negative or critical data. That is a myth -- no service can "delete" a piece of online data-- it is total fiction. This can only be done by the creator of the data, and/or the entity that published it -- not a third party service, company or person. 

Third-party services merely "de-optimize" harmful data -- in essence -- they "drown" the data and submerge it deep within the Internet so that it cannot be readily seen using conventional search engines such as Google. 

We are not a third-party "wash and delete service". We consult with you, the client to give you critical knowledge about your Deep Web, Social Media or Internet presence, and guide you through the critical steps necessary to mitigate problematical information.

Final Product

The Department of Defense and Intelligence Community Intelligence Analysts use much more sophisticated tools than the private sector to verify any information entered on the SF86, or detect conflicts or purposeful omissions. 

Our service seeks to identify, confirm and alert the cleared person to what may exist so that they can then take necessary steps to have it deleted, if possible. 

The Full Profile SF86 Adjudication Report prepared by The Berlin Group, LLC, using its own proprietary database sources, to include its own 60 billion record data farm, is an extensive and detailed profile of a cleared person's background. 

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I. Digital Fingerprint Snap Shot


The mandatory first step in identifying a Cleared Person’s online identity, as it appears to government investigators and adjudicators, is collecting and  assembling a client’s "digital fingerprint " performed based on name, address and email address. 

Within 4 hours or less, we return all name iterations, addresses, email addresses, dates of birth, Social Security account numbers, phone numbers and social media handles. 

The data collected includes present day, legacy and historic information, and is culled from nearly 14,000 data sources worldwide.

This product is like a roadmap and allows us to do other follow-on searches. 

II. Social Media Profile


After obtaining the Digital Fingerprint, we access over 100 Social Media platforms from both deep web, dark web and internet sources. Each fragment of data is exploited and mined for any potential connection to the client’s true identity. 

We collect the actual images where the  fragmentary identity data is cited and then extract as much as possible and build this into a comprehensive report. 

Importantly, the report contains true and verified connections. In addition those which are reported as correct, but are clearly online errors deserving further review by the client for possible action. 

It is critical to understand not only what the Cleared Person may post, but what others may claim about the client. It is the latter that government investigators or adjudicators may wish to question or probe even deeper.

Reports are returned in 12 to 24 hours depending on how much information exists and the complexity in assembling the data. 

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III. Full Profile for SF86 Adjudication


Again, the DNA Fingerprint is the starting point to obtaining the full SF 86 Profile. This is not only taken from US Government data ,but includes restricted access PAI and USP-PII data on a cleared person. Therefore, it is delivered to you encrypted and password protected. 

This search is conducted on over 14,000 public,  private, proprietary, subscription-based and restricted access database centers culled from banking, financial, credit, asset-based, and taxpayer owned data centers. It is a person’s core identity file used by such facilities to identify a person 's links, associations, connections, and relationships, including relatives.

A cautionary note:  Don’t lie or be mistaken about yourself.  Know who you are and what you are from an online perspective.  Do not believe you can hide your past - today’s systems are too strong and will uncover anything that you may seek to conceal.

In 95% of the cases,  professionals in Cleared Person remediation work can take bad lemons and turn it into lemonade.  But we need to know what others will find and this is the best method to discovering the truth and dealing with it. 

Here is the sad reality:  Most people who loose their clearances, or are not able to obtain one, find themselves in this position because they are afraid to state the truth. Some are ashamed or they just plain forget because of  an innocent mistake. 

Key is this:  Be 100 percent honest - not only with yourself but with the government - and let The Berlin Group, LLC, manage the problem  - whatever it may be.